Welcome to the Johns Hopkins Gaming Lab! We are part of the Department of Computer Science with lab space in the Digital Media Center as part of their Gaming Lounge. We work on various gaming-related initiatives at The Johns Hopkins University as well as all around the Baltimore area. Our director is Peter Fröhlich from the Department of Computer Science.


January 30, 2012: Spring 2012 brings another 600.355: Video Game Design Project with four teams working on a wide variety of games. Let's see what they can do!

August 29, 2011: Fall 2011 started today and another 600.255/256: Intro to Video Game Design was kicked off by Tim Train. We seem to have 5 teams this time around, all working on intense Shoot'em Ups!

January 25, 2010: Spring 2010 started today and another 600.255/256: Intro to Video Game Design was kicked off by Tim Train from BigHugeGames. Thanks for coming in Tim, and a warm welcome to our new group of students!

September 14, 2009: Fall 2009 started on September 2, 2009 but due to various scheduling issues 600.355: Video Game Design Project met for the first time only today. We have a good mix of experienced and new students, and also a good mix of skills. We even welcome two students from MICA again!

June 23, 2009: Our friends at the Digital Media Center put together a short video documentary covering the gaming lab as well as our introductory Spring 2009 course; includes interviews with Peter and (more importantly) students from the course!

May 4, 2009: We've been covered by The JHU Gazette! Read their piece Video-Game Culture Injected Into Academic, Social Scene which talks about the gaming lab itself as well as the introductory course we offered in Spring 2009.

April 1, 2009: Not a joke at all, we've been mentioned in Johns Hopkins Magazine! Their article Gamer Theory describes how several JHU alumni ended up fencing and producing games together. A good read, and not just because of Peter's attitude to blood sausage... :-)